How to Support a Work from Home Team

How to Support a Work from Home Team

Providing support for a work from home team can be challenging. In these trying times, many companies have been forced to send their staff home due to COVID-19 regulations that have been put in place. In order to reduce the chance of infection, companies have been required to reduce the number of people visiting the offices. As a result, companies have had to find ways to give their staff access to company resources while they are working at home.

It seems that despite all the turbulence caused by the pandemic, people have managed to adapt to the new working style with ease. Provided they have what they need to keep working of course.

What Do They Need?

This is the first question you need to answer is, what your staff are going to need in order to work from home. Do they need a computer, or access to a telephone line and emails? Do they have a reliable internet connection at home? What kind of support are they going to need if something goes wrong? More importantly, how are they going to be able to access corporate servers securely, without the risk of opening up to outside cyber-attacks?

In addition to having all the necessities, your staff are going to need some kind of feedback or reporting mechanism to ensure that they are on track with their work. Structured daily check-ins may be a necessity if you don’t have a way to keep track of the work being done.

Can it be done?

Fortunately, many companies have experienced little to no loss of productivity, by allowing their staff to work from home. Many managers were worried that their staff would run amok, being unsupervised, but it turns out working from home has many secondary benefits for your staff.

They have less stress with travelling to work and worrying about the cost of petrol. It gives them more time in the day to do work and get things done. As long as they have what they need to do their job, and they have the required support from the company and the other staff, you don’t have much to worry about. As long as the work is done!

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