3CX Promotion

Renew your 3CX license or maintenance today and get 10% of the value back in Takealot vouchers!

Mezobyte is excited to be able to offer you this 3CX promotion from 1 November 2019 until 13 December 2019. All you need to do is renew your 3CX annual license or your 3CX maintenance with Mezobyte and you will get 10% of the cost back in Takealot vouchers!

If you need a new license and you buy it through Mezobyte between 1 November 2019 and 13 December 2019 you will get 10% of the purchase price back in Takealot vouchers.

This promotion is open to anybody, existing Mezobyte customers or new customers. Didn’t buy your 3CX license from Mezobyte? No problem, we can renew it for you and you still get 10% of the renewal value back in Takealot vouchers. Another great reason to use Mezobyte for your 3CX renewals.

Take advantage of this promotion before 13 December 2019 and you will have your vouchers in time for Christmas shopping from Takealot.

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Terms and Conditions apply – see below.

Mezobyte 3CX Renewal Promotion

Terms and Conditions:

1.  The promotion is applicable to:

a. Renewal of 3CX maintenance

b. Renewal of annual 3CX license

c. Purchase of new 3CX license

2.  The promotion is open to anybody, existing and new customers

3.  The customer will receive 10% of the value of the purchase back in Takealot vouchers, i.e. If the purchase price excluding VAT is R5 000, the customer will receive R500 worth of Takealot vouchers

4.  The Takealot voucher sizes are:

a. R50

b. R100

c. R250

d. R500

e. R1000

5.  A customer may choose their voucher size/s

6.  If the 10% rebate doesn’t match available voucher values, the formula will be applied:

a. Renewal value ÷ 10 rounded to the nearest R50 (this calculator will be used:

b. If there is any dispute regarding the rebate, the amount calculated by Mezobyte is the final amount

7.  Sales process:

a. Customer is given a quote, valid for the day and linked to the R/$ exchange rate

b. Once customer has paid the quoted amount and it reflects in our bank account, the renewal will be processed. If the customer requires an invoice, we will issue it before payment is made

c. Once the renewal is processed, the customer will receive their renewal certificate and invoice and “Voucher Release Form”

d. Once we have the signed voucher release form, the customer will receive their Takealot voucher/s within 2 days via email

e. All transactions are final and non-refundable

8.  3CX maintenance can be renewed at any time, i.e. if a customer renewed yesterday, they could renew again today. The additional year/s will be added to the key by 3CX. The same is valid for annual licenses

9.  Mezobyte reserves the right to amend any conditions or withdraw the promotion partially or in its entirety at any time without any prior notice.

10.  3CX and Takealot are trademarks of their respective owners. Mezobyte is a 3CX partner and not affiliated with Takealot.